Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lamebrains Have Value

First BLOG

I come from a Lamebrain Planet. Don’t judge me; you come from there too… at least on occasion, admit it. Maybe you didn’t eat a whole loaf of bread at Communion or shave off one eye brow by mistake. But who hasn’t walked around with toilet paper trailing on their shoe or ink smeared on their face? No? Ever let a friend give you a stupid haircut before a big event ? You will arrive on the planet eventually. I like the company.

For me it is essential to remember that God loves us all, even Lame Brained Idiots. Sometimes humor is the only thing that gets us through a miserable situation. I use simple truths from lamebrain moments. They can be shaped into a learning experience and sometimes I just pretend that they can. I leave the ones with dramatic effect for someone else. Let the deep thinkers share about pain and destruction. I just think we can hear those stories better from someone that didn’t have to draw one eyebrow back on.

We are all on the Lamebrain Planet together at least in fleeting moments. What a different world this would be if we all behaved as if we valued ourselves and others even with all our mistakes. We live in a culture obsessed with beauty and perfection so it is important to believe that we all have value, even lame brained idiots. Please keep that in mind if you ever meet me.


  1. Excellent words! I salute you o comrade in clutz!

  2. I like it! See, I told you! Nice job, Trip...don't forget to mention things like the low-tuna diet and...well, I just wrote stuff and deleted because YOU need to tell, not me! Carry on, sista! - Love, Binky

  3. So true... Lamebrain Planet sounds like a working title for a book! I admit that I too live on Lamebrain Planet... You know this! I have told you several stories of my mishaps!


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