Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy YOU Year

Every year I pick only one New Year’s Resolution to follow because that way I have to do it. It hangs over me like a cranky schoolmarm ready to guilt trip me if I get out of line. One year I resolved to lose weight, which thankfully, I did! However, I forgot to add the most important part of the phrase: Lose weight AND don’t GAIN weight (which I also did.) By the end of the year I had gained 25 pounds, AND lost 26 pounds which technically kept my resolution and the inner schoolmarm away from emotional eating binges.

The next year I was walking around saying, “I just wish someone would help me come up with a good resolution because poor little ole me is just too tired and uninspired to think of anything.” Then it hit me: I resolve not to be SO manipulative! It worked out well because I had the word SO in the statement to cover me in case I had to weasel my way through an emergency. An emergency like asking the question: “Does this outfit make me look fat?”…which is followed either by a compliment or by finding a new friend… an easy-to-manipulate, complimentary new friend.

This year I resolve to follow what Jesus called the most important commandments: To love God with all your heart and love others as yourself. I am calling it Happy YOU Year. I will say to myself every day: YOU will be the best possible version of yourself. YOU will love more, give more and be more this year. YOU will be the finest possible representative of Christ wherever you are. This year I want to celebrate Jesus all year long. This year will be less about me and more about YOU, dear Lord.

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