Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Is Over

This year I spent Christmas in Texas with my Dad and my hometown peeps. One friend I went to visit had a beautiful holiday light display in their yard. The brightly colored bulbs covered the trees and lined the driveway. As I drove up the circular drive I heard a strange pop, pop, pop as I ran over ALL of the lights with my car. I guess it was just my subtle way of saying Christmas is over! I went from there to visit another friend (since the last friend I visited was now busy replacing lights) and I stayed right through dinner until I had finished off ALL his Christmas goodies (uninvited of course.) Just my way of saying Christmas is over! Later, I made a special batch of my chocolate peanut butter candy. Before I could package it to give away, I tripped in the kitchen and threw it ALL on the floor. Just my way of saying Christmas is over!

For me, every Christmas is long anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. I spend it visiting family and friends with gifts, meals and stories. The day after Christmas everything changes. I click off the Christmas music, take down the tree and put away the remnants of the season. I pack away all the external signs of what Christmas means. But these new stories, the bonds of laughter, the prayers and hymns shared stay with me. The spiritual gift continues into a new year with a special peace, like how a candle scent lingers long after its flame is extinguished. Once Christmas is over and all the decorations of the season have been taken down and put away (or, in my case, run over), I want Christ's sweet presence to remain for ALL of my days.


  1. Lori -- I really needed a laugh today. Miss you and your sense of humor. Especially enjoyed the cheese/pill story. Had to remind Carl to watch it when he gives Freckles & Angel their meds each morning.

  2. Your visit to TX sounds like it was straight out of an "I Love Lucy" episode. Did you blame your bad driving on the reindeer?


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