Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Neighborly Of Me

I have been very busy this week getting ready for Christmas. I came outside yesterday and noticed the Christmas lights my neighbor had carefully placed on our bushes had fallen off. Being the self designated neighborhood police, I meticulously replaced them back to where they were originally. After dark I realized that the neighbor had moved the lights on purpose because some of them were burned out!! Now I'm repositioning them... again...under the watchful eye of a confused neighbor. This situation would not have been nearly as bad if he hadn't been the same neighbor whose grapevine I yanked down because I thought it was a weed..twice. Doing everything in duplicate (that is not my job in the first place) is keeping me very busy.

It is a Biblical Principle to do my best to love my neighbor as myself. It is a Principle of Survival that my neighbor does his best to maintain a safe distance. Maybe I will just love my neighbor period and leave myself out of it. Maybe next year I invite the neighbor over to see if we can decorate the neighborhood together, double the fun and not the efforts. First I want to finish trimming this grapevine.


  1. That's pretty funny stuff, my friend! There are one or two typo/grammar issues which a good editor would clean up for you. I find it helpful to read aloud; often you will discover awkward syntax or missing words when you hear yourself reading.

    This is a funny one.

  2. Tilly, good things come in twos...I'm so glad you've duplicated your errors - makes the planet doubly perfect for us. The only thing the Lord hates about doubles is...tongues. Keep up the good work!

  3. i'm that kind of neighbor too, I cut down a fully grown lilac bush that had a thorny vine overtaking it and then stepped back in horror when I saw what I'd done...taken it all down but one 12foot limb.Now that looks sexy. The neighbor never said anything to me, but I know she secretly wants to hurt me. I do feel bad.And, I am a control freak and I'm learning to live with that too. LQ


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