Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes Bad News Is Good News

Sometimes bad news is good news… in the end. It might take a long and winding road (with moldy pathways and muddy waters). The day I dyed my hair Marilyn Monroe white by mistake it did not look like good news nor did I look like Marilyn Monroe for that matter. That was the day I decided to (quickly) go back to my birth color of Irish Red and received the first compliments ever on my hair. Maybe God really does know what He is doing when he designs each of us. That is good news.

So many times I have started down one path and it diverged into another. I clung for dear life to keep from making any unscheduled turns but most of my learning experiences came from U turns and detours. I planned to write something humorous the week of the Nashville Flood of 2010 but it seemed so inappropriate to laugh at bad news when it still is bad news. I took a detour and instead of writing I offered my hands as manual labor. In the process of letting go of my plans I was blessed by the spirit of love and grief, in the rally of volunteers who aided those who lost all in the flood. That kind of giving is good news.

After the flood I looked at the yards of my neighbors that had all of their private possessions spread out for all to see including muddy undies, various awards and funny pictures from their grandchildren. You can tell a lot about a person by what they treasure most. They laughed at their smashed Gold Records but cried at the loss of photos and letters. I admired them all the more. While the flood was bad news the friendships forged through the shared experiences will last long after homes are rebulit. Building homes is an act of energy, building relationships is an act of love.

My new, dear friends and flood buddies: Bob & Jayne Farrell, lost all possessions in the flood and gained new friends. Be a friend to these fine folks who dedicated their lives and careers to sharing the Gospel of Christ through their musical talents.

There will be a Benefit Concert to raise funds for Bob & Jayne Farrell and a tribute of thanks for their gift of music. Y'all come, be part of the good news.

Lifesaver Tribute: A Flood Relief Concert
Benefitting Farrell & Farrell
Wednesday, July 28th 7pm
The Village Chapel, Nashville, TN.
Featuring Pat Terry Group, Amy Grant
and more surprises


  1. WOW... Once again you wow me with your writing LL! Weaving humor in with pathos, joy encircling ainst and triumph through tragedy... hitting very close to home, where we all live.
    The Farrell's are blessed to have you for a friend... as am I.

  2. Thank-you for loving your neighbour...


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